LV Voyages National Museum of China2011-05-30

LV Voyages National Museum of China

National Museum of China in Beijing
May 31st to August 30th 2011


The “Voyages” exhibition retraces the crowning moments in the history of the Maison, which since 1854 – the date when it was established – has beautifully paired form with function, creating travel items that bear witness to the French way of life.

Visitors are welcomed by the artist Zhan Wang’s “The Beginning” from his new series “My Universe”, which the artist took a shot of a five-meter long rock explosion scene, using the latest high-speed camera capable of  2,000 frames per second and capturing it from six different angles. The concept of  “The Beginning” removes the boundary of time and showcases power in its most primitive form. It explores the process of the initial formation of origin and order; it can be said to be the beginning of all shapes, a starting point; an extension of traditional forces, one with the potential of numerous possibilities.


It’s the story of a beginning, an initial voyage, a long journey through time, one of those fundamental expeditions that, in the space of a visit, transform our perception on life.

Stroll through the ages and dive into the excitement of the nineteenth century - inventor of modernity and industrialisation - relive the first exploits of those who created a legend. From the past of Louis Vuitton – luggage packer then trunk-maker, the paragon of elegance on the go – to its present, the history of this entrepreneurial dynasty has been profoundly marked by a flair for innovation.

In step with the discoveries of great explorers, the requests of the prominent feminine figures of the nineteenth century and the inventions of that time period, Louis Vuitton’s endless ability to reinvent itself while maintaining its legacy of expertise is undeniable.

For more than a century, important figures, collectors and passionate enthusiasts have embraced these trunks, these life-long companions.

Over time, Louis Vuitton accompanies these globetrotters, wherever they roam. Each piece bears witness to this meeting between an artist’s dream, their desire, and the Maison’s vision and inventiveness.

By overturning Louis Vuitton’s identity codes, just like its Artistic Director Marc Jacobs, the different artists have produced new creations synonymous with urban elegance, offering the opportunity to explore a fashion terminology enlivened by the freshness of their vision.