Nothing For the Time Being (OCT Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai)2015-10-25

【Exhibitions】Nothing For the Time Being
【Duration】Oct 25, 2015 - Jan 23, 2016
【Venue】OCT Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai

“Nothing for the time being” presents a conceptual attitude of uncertainty. Such thinking produces an asynchronous dialogue with the graphic concept of “resemblance of the object in form,” and once again highlights the clear traits of visual experiment in Zhan Wang’s art. In the work that followed, Zhan Wang’s thinking grew embroiled in a cyclical typological relationship that again changed the artist’s conceptual leanings regarding the issue of the construction of form. The two sets of artworks featured in the 2015 Shanghai Pujiang Ten Year Public Art Project follow two different directions in once again challenging the boundaries of the questions devised by the artist. Terrain (fig. 6) uses the same industrial materials as Artificial Rocks, but has removed the carrier of the “Taihu stone,” instead deriving its contours from a public space, giving this experiment the properties of a public exchange. Metamorph (fig. 7) is an extension of the questions addressed in Morph. This artwork sets out to recapture those spirits coiled up in the recesses of the stones, rediscovering the artist’s form in Morph through the lens of plasticism. These disintegrated bodies and body parts come together to form a new world of shapes, the formative principles of which are not determined by naturalist objective imitation, nor by Expressionist subjective reconstruction, much less the simulated reproduction of Pop. Its formative process is a certain form of relational visual projection, the reformulation of mirror image forms, which Zhan Wang calls a “re-dismantlement” of the shapes in Morph. The result is a world that exists in a primordial state between abstraction and concreteness.

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