New plan to fill the sky

New plan to fill the sky 2000-2003

“New plan to fill the sky”

I used the “Long March—A Walking Visual Display” as an opportunity to send my “meteorite” made of stainless steel into space. 

Zhan Wang 

In 1516 a meteorite shower fell on the Southern part of China.

In 1518 a meteorite of 680 kilos was discovered, then in 1992 it was collected by the Beijing Planetarium. 

In 2001 in order to reassure cosmic balance, Zhan Wang decided to make a copy in stainless steel of the original meteorite to be sent back to the space. 
In the past there was a legend called “Nüwa fixes the sky,” narrating of Nüwa patching holes in the heavens with five-color stone blocks. Then during the Warring States period there appeared the story of the man of Qi who being haunted by the fear that the sky would fall couldn’t do anything, neither sleep nor eat. 

Science has taught us about phenomena caused by asteroids, but science cannot explain the fact that when meteorites fall on the earth, there will appear phenomena of unbalance and loss in the