Buddhist Medicine

Buddhist Medicine 2004-2006

Buddhist Medicine is a work which represents the image of a Buddha made of different types of medicine combined together: some of the medicines are made of powder while some others are tablets. By combining the image of the Buddha with medicine, the artwork turns out to be both a Buddha and a medicine itself; by combining the image of a pharmacy and a Buddha niche together, what we see is both a pharmacy and a Buddha niche. People are used to separate clearly spirit and matter. For instance, religion is supposed to help people to cure their spiritual issues, while medicine cures their physical problems. Despite this fact, every one is aware of the fact that it is rather hard to separate clearly these two realms. It becomes even clearer when referring to Chinese religion: when the Chinese worship a god, they pray for peace, ease, good health, richness or being prolific. All these desires are rather materialistic, so if god cannot bless them, how can god bless the future? Perhaps Western people don’t think that religion should play this role, but when Jesus appeared on the earth He came to cure people’s illness. Therefore, I think that spirit and matter cannot be separated and so the essence of the world is not a question of being either this or that, being black or white.

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