Scrawls of Visions

Scrawls of Visions

Material: Ink on Xuan paper
Year: 2022
Dimensions (painting): A 50x50cm   B 35x35cm

The painting series " Scrawls of Visions " is the latest attempt to paint (scrawl). It is called "scrawl" rather than painting, because this method is to differentiate all traditional painting methods. The painting regulates itself a “clear strokes” method and the scrawling process was completely improvised. Although  traditional brush and ink are used, knowledge related to traditional them is no necessity. A wild free attempt, contemplating the paradoxical relationship between absolute freedom and absolute limitation. Unlike the flat view in which objects in different shapes and distances obscuring each other, unlike the multiple viewpoints in traditional ink painting, this painting employs a overhead view, showing an infinite progression from macro to micro. Here, painting is also an act of experiencing real freedom at the respect for boundaries, accepting the formal pattern and order of big and small, first and last.

Above photos© Zhan Wang. Courtesy Lisson Gallery. Photography by George Darrell

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