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Classic shangshi versus ancient shangshi

Classic shangshi (the term“shangshi”usually used by Westerners, is the equivalent of the viewing stone for appreciation.—Translator`s note) means the viewing stone that is structurally featured by SHOU, LOU, ZHOU, TOU and takes abstract form as its predominant mode of expression. Classic shangshi refers to a kind of style and has nothing to do with age determination or rock type. In other words, Taihu rock, Lingbi rock and Ying stone should not be called by a joint name of “classic shangshi”, as classic shangshi represents only a part of these rock types. Among contemporary rock types, there is also shangshi with the classic style, such as Mo (black) stone form Guangxi and Fengli stone from Xinjiang and lnner Monglia.

Ancient shangshi, however, refers to age classification. Traditionally, stones colleted before the end of the Qing dynasty are called “ancient shangshi”. Ancient shangshi differs from classic shangshi in that the former has diversified characteristics. Certain clues to this could be discerned from Yunlin Stone Catalogue printed in the Song dynasty and from those ancient stone collections stil